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Retrieved April 6, By Miriam Raftery August 17, San Diego — Language expert, author, columnist and radio personality Richard Lederer will be a special guest at our East County Fest year anniversary party of the decade on Saturday night, August Why are pertinent and impertinent, canny and uncanny, and famous and infamous neither opposites nor the same?

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Sense of humor can vary from person to person. One might assume that language rests on a solid foundation of logic.

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If bad is the opposite of good, hard the opposite of soft, and up the opposite of down, why are badly and goodly, hardly and softy, and upright and downright not opposing pairs?

Language, one can say, is often as random as the evolutionary process. Because different cultures live in different environments, their day to day lives consist of different events.

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Words that might have made sense at the time of their invention give us headaches today when we try to construct logical rules of language.

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