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Another feature of the Australian Constitution is its references to the people of the several states in approving the language. The Australian Constitution establishes the composition of the Australian Parliament, and describes how Parliament works, what powers it has, how federal and state Parliaments share power, and the roles of the Executive Government and the High Court. Also beneficial would have been a brief description of the structure of the six states and the six territories. You will get an answer. Before the present Australian States were separate colonies of the then British Empire. Commissioner of Taxation C. Australia has a constitution which requires a referendum in order to change it.

For example, the first national elections were held under state laws. It is thoroughly researched, analytical, and extraordinary in its readability. Fourth was the declaration that the commonwealth would be indissoluble.

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Elections for half the Senate take place every three years. Parliamentary privilege see Infosheet No.

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Interpretation of the Constitution has been needed not only because of disagreements over the meaning and application of particular provisions, but also because of developments which were not foreseen when the Constitution was written for example, aviation and television.

The federal Parliament can make laws only on certain matters.

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The High Court has explained that the federal Parliament does not have the power to impair the ability of the states to function as governments. Chapter 6—New states Deals with the creation of new states and gives the Commonwealth power to make laws for the government and representation of the territories. Chapter 5—The states The relations of the states with the Commonwealth. The dual citizenship saga that has rocked the parliament in recent months is unlikely to end any time soon. The federal court hierarchy a three-tier system headed by the High Court acts concurrently with state courts, again in contrast to the American federal system and decidedly different from court structures in most civil law systems. Another feature of the Australian Constitution is its references to the people of the several states in approving the language. Parliamentary Education Office February 5, But the Australian Constitution was originally passed by the British Parliament, because Australia was a colony at the time. What does the Australian Constitution do? Send it to the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies. Each state is represented equally and there must be at least six Senators from each state.

It would have been helpful had the authors included the text of the Constitution, even though doing so would add to the length and the cost.

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The Australian Constitution