Advertisements have the girls going crazy

Rebecca Humphries called out her ex-boyfriend, Seann Walsh, for it last year in a powerful breakup statement after he was caught cheating on her with his Strictly Come Dancing partner.

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The video opened on a shot of a pool party, with a crowd of women and men enjoying themselves in the water. Rupi Kaur Rupi made headlines in when she posted pictures of her on Instagram with visible menstrual blood. Her posts were blocked by Instagram, causing backlash against the social media platform.

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A woman boxing was crazy. The technology involved meant that people could freeze the image, change the angle, and zoom in on the woman however they pleased.

Advertisements have the girls going crazy

In their latest advertising campaign voiced by Serena Williams they use it to describe women in positive and, even, aspirational scenarios. Paul Crock Getty Images Nike's "Dream Crazy" ad featuring football star Colin Kaepernick garnered mass media coverage, a backlash from some people on Twitter and an increase in online sales in the days after the commercial aired in September.

However, the message was almost entirely lost.

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Nimisha Bhanot Another artist you need to follow, Nimisha creates amazing prints which you can buy critiquing societal perceptions of South Asian women. Coaching a NBA team: Crazy. The message was unclear. The company restructured its leadership team after a group of women presented a survey on gender discrimination to CEO Mark Parker in March. It's time for some feminist, mental health aware art! Cameron Russell An american model who called out the fashion industry for sexual harassment and assault, she started the MyJobShouldNotIncludeAbuse hashtag. Project Consent There's no time like the present to be educating people on consent.

Count her teeth or something?

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Serena Williams debuts new Nike ad at the Oscars, tells girls to 'dream crazier'