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He stimulated his interest in science, medicine, and philosophy.

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Meanwhile, Alexander's general, Parmenion, had already made his way to Asia Minor. It almost seems that he believed that after all that he had done, that all cities should wave the white flag and not resist, because if they did he was sure to win and show no mercy.

His acts, especially in ruthlessly killing Persians, are still remembered with hatred.

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He murdered Cleitus, one of his most-trusted commanders, in a drunken quarrel, but his excessive display of remorse led the army to pass a decree convicting Cleitus posthumously of treason. Alexander the Great Bio.

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However, he had the ability to motivate his army to do what seemed to be impossible. He spent his adolescent years watching his dad changing Macedonia into an extraordinary military force. Philip set the stage for his son to dominate the known world, and even gave him a road map for conquering Asia minor, but an army and siege weapons are only a portion of an armies success Darius fled, stranding his mother, wife, and daughters. First, he was the King and ruler, so was it right for him to seek the oracle on a forbidden day? Greek thought drew no very decided line of demarcation between god and man, for legend offered more than one example of men who, by their achievements, acquired divine status. He lost his self-control and his compassion for his men. Throughout his life, Alexander paid extra attention to his relationship with the gods, and how this would define him in adulthood and his death Greek culture had a powerful influence on the areas Alexander conquered. His endeavors have earned him not only the respect of his army, and his people, but countless others throughout the centuries. Some point to this as a political move to unite Asia, and doubted that the marriage was out of love. At some point during Alexander's campaign in central Asia, Parmerio's son, Philotas, allegedly failed to report a plot against Alexander's life. Leaving Porus, he then proceeded down the river and into the Indus, with half his forces on shipboard and half marching in three columns down the two banks. Conquering the largest empire ever seen at that point is extremely great.

At the age of thirteen, he was sent to study with Aristotle—an education that was for the most part formal. He, as all men do, had his character flaws. In B.

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Alexander the Great definitely became one of the greatest military commander in history. How much Alexander knew of India beyond the Hyphasis probably the modern Beas is uncertain; there is no conclusive proof that he had heard of the Ganges. I myself personally have not, so don 't feel too discouraged, nevertheless, the reason behind my question was that Alexander III of Macedon or who is more commonly known as Alexander the Great, did just that back in BCE. Both in Egypt and elsewhere in the Greek cities he received divine honours. None of the Diadochi could replicate Alexander 's military brilliance and charisma but they tried their best to emulate him to carve for themselves as large a chunk of territory as possible. His father, Philip II was on a campaign in the east against Byzantium, having left Alexander in charge of Macedonia and during this time, a rebellious tribe attacked but was crushed by the troops led by Alexander. Some describe him as a man with a vision of world harmony. Defeating the Phoenician city of Tyre…Alexander sold the women and children into slavery. Eventually Darius III fled, along with his army. Haphaestion's death caused a drastic change in Alexander's personality, said Abernethy. At Memphis Alexander sacrificed to Apis , the Greek term for Hapi, the sacred Egyptian bull, and was crowned with the traditional double crown of the pharaohs ; the native priests were placated and their religion encouraged. Greek thought drew no very decided line of demarcation between god and man, for legend offered more than one example of men who, by their achievements, acquired divine status. The Macedonians stormed the city, killing almost everyone in sight, women and children included.
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