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Holden wakes Phoebe. Read More. The timing was fortunate. It is the vision of an innocent. Will Hemingway please write to him? It shows that Holden is facing difficulties to formulate his future considering as he is experimenting with his career through a fantasy world. Holden Caulfield is a confused sixteen-year-old, no better and the worse than his peers, except that he is slightly introverted, a little sensitive, and willing to express his feelings openly. She arrives with a packed bag and insists on going with him. Holden is not a normal boy. And nope, we don't source our examples from our editing service! How can Holden possibly be missing? Salinger was able to create a character whose relatability stemmed from his unreliability—something that resonated with many readers. Sitting in his hotel room in New York, Holden feels he is sunk, and he starts talking to Allie. They turn on the radio and dance. It was the reason Keats liked the suspended attitudes of the figures on the Grecian urn.

Stradlater was always doing that. The only people with whom he can communicate are the two young boys at the museum, the girl with the skates at the park, and his younger sister Phoebe: All of them are children, who cannot help him in his growing pains but remind him of a simpler time, one to which he this web page he could return.

He had begun to write seriously inas a student at Columbia, under the guidance of a professor, Whit Burnett, who also happened to be the editor of Story magazine, and who became for Salinger a mentor and near father figure.

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That doesn't happen much, though. The forest was more heavily fortified than anyone had guessed. A figure emerging from the darkness, he is vulnerable and distressed.

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Most helpful essay resource ever! He hates everyone, his school, society, the system, and the world. He tries desperately to justify himself.

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Salinger recognized the potential danger of his state of mind. He would like to call up Thomas Hardy, because he has a nice feeling about Eustacia Vye. He reads for pleasure, and he describes the pleasure he takes in reading at length in the book. We'll take a look right away. Among the dead bodies on the beach is a solitary living figure—a chaplain crawling around in the sand, frantically searching for his glasses. Excellent writing can transport you. I mean it—I really did. Holden's catchphrase, and go-to response for almost any situation, be it dating or going to the movies or generally just walking around, is to deem the people he's interacting with as "phony. He never got mad at anybody. Growing up means channeling your frustrations towards something productive. Nobody, evidently, has told him the sad news about Hardy.
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Here's What 'The Catcher In The Rye' Can Teach You About Life