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He knows that the choice he makes will ultimately mean his own destruction. Hamlet is full of faults.

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The destiny of humanity is here exhibited as a gigantic Sphinx, which threatens to precipitate into the abyss of skepticism all who are unable to solve her dread enigmas. But, as Hamlet observes, "conscience doth make cowards of us all.

To die; to sleep, No more, and by a sleep to say we end The heart-ache, and the thousand natural shocks That flesh is heir to; 'tis a consummation Devoutly to be wish'd.

But their incredulity is at once subdued, and a resolution is taken by Horatio upon the conviction that what he once held as "fantasy" is a dreadful being, of whose existence there can be no doubt.

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It will be sufficient to dwell very briefly on a few of its most striking features, and first as to the question of Hamlet's madness. The mystery which surrounds the play centres in the character of Hamlet himself. Lying down at Ophelia's feet.

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Her brother, Laertes , falls next. However, the familial relations affected are significantly more complicated, being elevated to the political stage and invlovling a perverted inscet. It has been observed that if there be anything disproportioned in his mind, it seems to be this only--that intellect is in excess; it is too subtle; it is even ungovernable. With his last breath, he releases himself from the prison of his words: "The rest is silence. Hamlet begins to act insane in order to cover his intentions for revenge. Losing strength, Hamlet turns to Horatio, his truest friend and ask him to spread the story of all that has happened. Shakespeare's tragedies. This essay will evaluate role of 'Gertrude', mother of Prince Hamlet who is the title character of the play. Polonious also tells his daughter Ophelia to help him. A voice from another world, commissioned, it would appear, by heaven, demands vengeance for a monstrous enormity, and the demand remains without effect; the criminals are at last punished, but, as it were, by an accidental blow, and not in the solemn way requisite to convey to the world a warning example of justice; irresolution, cunning treachery and impetuous rage hurry on to a common destruction; the less guilty and the innocent are equally involved in the general ruin.

Laertes even uses poisoned rapier as his weapon. He will have the players perform a scene closely resembling the sequence by which Hamlet imagines his uncle to have murdered his father, so that if Claudius is guilty, he will surely react.

Coleridge attributes what he consider's Hamlet's assumed eccentricity, after the ghost scene, to "the disposition to escape from his own feelings of the overwhelming and supernatural by a wild transition to the ludicrous, a sort of cunning bravado, bordering on delirium.

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