An islamic perspective of the role of the husband and wife in the family setting

This means that a woman has suckled a child, whether he lives with her or not.

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This is the mainspring of human potential -this is what enables him to rise to the highest pinnacle or to fall into the deepest abyss. With some exceptions the same relations are forbidden through fosternursing. No one is a mere shadow of the other, but both are active copartners.

The husband has to meet his legal responsibility to provide full maintenance of the wife; in turn, the wife should ensure that the duties as wife and mother are performed to the best of her abilities. What does such behaviour in a woman do to her husband? Therefore, dear lady!

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His career on the earth begins with the consciousness of a mission, not through gropings in darkness. Roles of men and women Islamic law and practice recognise the differences between the sexes, resulting in different roles and obligations for men and women.

As far as the Shariah is concerned, the validity of the marriage depends on proposition on one side ijab and acceptance QubuI on the other.

These women sometimes even go further.

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Women's Rights in Islamic Marriage