Assessment of knowledge of breast cancer

A study to assess the knowledge regarding breast cancer

Of these, Mammography is the gold standard for early detection of breast cancer but is not recommended for countries with limited resources due to its cost and technical complexity [ 25 ]. Financial support and sponsorship. Studies conducted in selected populations of the developed countries yielded figures comparable with this local study. With this, we highly recommended a large scale and multi centered survey that comprises diverse participants to validate our output and provide more representative findings. Most of them Three-quarters Short abstract Objective We aimed to assess knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding breast and cervical cancer and screening methods among women living western Turkey. This was similar to the findings from one study in Nigeria [ 11 ] and lower than a similar study in the same country [ 13 ]. Improved communication, health education, and breast awareness campaigns would be a step toward earlier detection of breast cancer in developing countries. Health care workers have an important role in helping to increase public awareness of disease prevention, together with other occupational groups. Mammographic screening: patterns of use and estimated impact on breast carcinoma survival.

Nevertheless, whether BSE is useful for early detection of breast cancer is still debated. The cause of the delay in presentation is multifactorial, and further research into the health-seeking behavior of women with breast complaints is required.

Assessment of knowledge of breast cancer

J Natl Cancer Inst. Knowledge and practice of nurses about screening methods The knowledge of nurses on the correct age for initiation of breast self-examination was Thirdly, the practice of breast cancer screening was low and lastly, a family history of breast cancer, having breast problems, the professional level of nurses and the unit where they work predicts the KAP of nurses about breast cancer.

a descriptive study to assess the knowledge regarding breast cancer

A gap in practice was identified in this study in which nurses were found to practice breast cancer screening infrequently.

However, the effectiveness of such a program remains to be elucidated.

Breast cancer knowledge questionnaire

The present study indicates that huge number of the study respondents had no previous involvement in breast care awareness. Pearson chi-square, Pearson exact chi-square, and Fisher's chi-square tests were used to analyze the cross tabulations. Responding to the threat of chronic diseases in India. Our study described that young, educated, and earning women were more aware about breast cancer. Using simple random sampling technique the required samples from each department were recruited in the study Figure 1. Frequencies, percentages, tables, flow chart were used to describe study variables. Trends of breast cancer in India.

In addition, patient identifiers were not used. In the first part of the questionnaire, we collected sociodemographic data of participants.

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