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It has implications for our lives as individuals and those of our children.

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Prerequisite: Membership in the University Honors Program or permission of department. Informal programs do not prepare scholars for the long and loving labor of interpreting works of the mind. The behavior of each individual part disappears upon averaging the behavior of the local group.

Civil War armies.

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Lateral interactions that replace the control function have been present in hierarchical structures, however, they become necessary when the hierarchical control structure fails due to the high complexity of collective behavior. It is the collective coherent motion of all of the atoms in the object that enables them to have impact on a large scale. The course also treats post-Civil War violence, outlaws, and the role of tribal courts along with controversies over removals, Land Run celebrations, allotment scandals, and Osage oil murders. A sequel to the two Western Civilization courses which offers the opportunity to examine influential works of literature, philosophy, history, and political thought written since the end of World War II. The progressive historical increase of complexity means that organizations that do not change do not survive. On a global scale, human civilization is a single organism capable of remarkable complex collective actions in response to environmental challenges. A program of study using readings and writing to explore and understand the record of Western Civilization from the ancient world through the early modern period. However, the transition to a collective behavior of complexity greater than an individual human being has become apparent from events occurring during the most recent decades. On the other hand if all parts act in exactly the same way, then their collective behavior is simple even though it is visible on a very large scale. Not open to students with credit in EALC However, smaller-scale events can also have global effects. This reduction of independence means that describing the collective behavior includes part or all of the behavior of the parts and therefore our description of the parts is simpler. An introduction to recent cultural theory and interdisciplinary methods used across the humanities and qualitative social sciences. Founded in , the Humanities Program has served as a forum for faculty who want to develop innovative courses that transcend disciplinary boundaries, and an individualized interdisciplinary major for students who want to explore and integrate a variety of areas of studies.

This is a writing intensive and writing instructive course designed to expand critical thinking and global awareness through the medium of composition practice. For example, the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in had a manifest global response despite originally involving only a tiny proportion of the global population.

Study of approaches such as feminism, Marxism, deconstruction, psychoanalysis, and cultural studies are carried out through discussion and writing.

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In order for such visibility to occur various subgroups of the system must have coordinated behaviors. In order to have any hope of controlling such a supply problem it would have to be simplified to allow for only a few products in only a few stores. Students should plan their studies within the general requirements and consult an advisor early in the major. The high temperature of the sun causes it to illuminate us with light. However, the transition to a collective behavior of complexity greater than an individual human being has become apparent from events occurring during the most recent decades. Preparation for senior thesis project required of HWC majors. By contrast, the traditional human social structure, whether in government or in industry, has been based upon control hierarchies. However, unlike coherent behavior, the behavior of different individuals is not the same. Over the course of the transition, the hierarchy exercises control over progressively more limited aspects of the system behavior. From a macroscopic perspective, the primary difference is that a large collection of microorganisms do not result in complex collective behavior. In this context it is important to recognize that the complexity of a system's behavior is fundamentally related to the complexity of challenges that it can effectively overcome. The use of new energy sources and automation enabled larger scale behavior in and of itself. Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies. Markets function through the actions of many agents individuals, corporations and aggregate funds.

Conventional military behavior is closer to our discussion of coherent behavior. Similar to coherent motion, in the military the behavior of an individual is simplified to a limited set of patterns.

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Comprised of two tracks — Global Humanities and Peace and Conflict Studies — the Humanities Major provides a foundation in the liberal arts that prepares students to take part in the world around them and is basic for success in many fields, including business, medicine, law, marketing, sales, and social services.

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