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Partager article. As a result, Diesel supports the idea that every ordinary individual is capable of dressing uniquely and still becoming a part of a lifestyle community Diesel, The idea of Diesel was to propose much differentiated products in a crowned and conventional denim market.

Then the red logo was introduced together with the recognizable red D presents on its denim jeans.

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To achieve this goal, the brand incorporated that the premium price for Diesel products are not attributed to the premium quality that is already present. Indeed, the management within the company is quite unique. Diesel Black Gold is the luxury ready-to-wear line that was launched incontradicting its norm product line known as Diesel Diesel, The hierarchy remains flat since the beginning of the activities, every employee are encouraged to bring new ideas and concepts for the firm, innovation and originality are promoted at every level of the company.

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Yet, its American licensee Russ Togs Inc.

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Diesel strategic marketing report by Daisy Zhang