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The intention must be accompanied by actions or initiatives in this direction. If someone inspired you to imagine the unimaginable, be that someone to the next generation. As a result, there is not much difference in the state of illiteracy and related problems in the country.

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My ah-ha moment from this experience is that wisdom is not a privilege put on lock-down by the elders. Mentor 2.

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What else did we do to learn the job? This can help them become more aware of their rights and not be deceived or misled by the higher sections of society. We presented certain qualifications and skills that got us hired for the job; but we really did not go into the role knowing everything that we needed to know right off the bat. They are mostly constrained by the finances of low-income households who can hardly earn their bread and shelter. Okay, they said foolish. Not only children, but also adults who remain illiterate because of poverty and make a living by doing meagre jobs can be taught or educated. The contribution of each individual can bring a significant positive change in the current state of illiteracy. What sort of shit luck do you have to have to lose all those things all on the same day?

This is my rumination this Sunday because I lost my purse, cash money, credit cards, my iPhone and business cards yesterday whilst out shopping. I will be sharing free materials to everyone signed up here.

The kind of brain which says find a bright orange purse-like thing which is capable of holding cash money, credit cards, iPhone and business cards — then leave the thing behind at a cash till and walk out of the shop without it.

She was bitten by the science bug.

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