Eliminating penny essay

the problem with pennies

Some people even throw pennies in the trash. Considering the insignificance of the penny, the wasted time, and the irrelevance of the penny, one can suggest that the penny should be eliminated.

penny debate for kids

But Gallup broke this down even further by income per household. Keeping pennies avoids the potential issues for charity donations and price increases but it also, according to Brian Domitrovic of Forbesis a symbol of a monetary policy that we should encourage.

when will the penny be discontinued

According to the U. Paper money fun fact: paper money is actually made out of linen and cotton—not paper became a stand-in for precious metals like gold and silver, but early on the money was still backed by gold and silver. It must also direct the U. Something that changes cannot be a historical artifact.

In his view, keeping the penny, even if it is inefficient, is worth doing for that reason.

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