Essay on significance of republic day

The winners of the games are presented with awards and prizes.

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Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Indian Prime Minister. The Delhi Republic Day march is the biggest and most imperative of the processions denoting the Republic Day festivities in India. It is an essential festival of all over India. Republic Day is celebrated with great pomp and show every year in Delhi. This day reflects all the struggles of the people who fought for Indian independence. Indian Republic Day was declared by the Government of India as a public holiday gazette. Schools and colleges have their own way of celebrating Republic Day by conducting cultural programmes, competitions for students and distribution of sweets. Thousands of people are visiting Delhi from across the country to see the Republic Day Parade.

The procession proceeds onwards till it reaches the vast grounds just near the central government offices. India has become the Sovereign Democratic Republic on this day. The march past of the three main wings of defense — army, navy and air force makes everyone sit dumbstruck.

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Republic Day reminds us of the elevated values enshrined in this sacred document that we call our Constitution. Ambedkar submitted the newly drafted constitution to the Indian Assembly on 4th Nov but it took almost two and half years for the constitution to be fully amended.

Essay on significance of republic day

Every year, India invites a Chief Guest A Head of State from another nation , to witness the celebrations and acknowledge her military strength as well as vast cultural heritage. Conclusion The celebration of republic day is done with full enthusiasm and passion in India. This day gave us the power to elect our own representatives to run the democracy. The atmosphere reverberates with National Anthem and loud thumping of drums playing to its tune. To see it, thousands of people flock. The President of India arrives at the saluting base with his mounting bodyguards. The hard work and intelligence of Dr. Lakhs of people stand on both sides of the route. Jawaharlal Nehru when India earned freedom after a long spell of being under the rule of British. They also shower rose petals from the air. It is celebrated in Delhi with great enthusiasm and happiness. The soldiers ' regiment enters the Red Fort as the remaining precession continues and passes through Chandni Chowk. It not only instills patriotism in the hearts of the citizens but also helps to spread peace, love and harmony among them. Republic Day celebration marks the occurrence of Indian Constitution into force 26th of January in however it was adopted by the Constituent Assembly in on 26th of November. R places a spotlight on the act of framing the constitution.

On 4th NovemberDr. The Republic Day celebration last for three days and it ends on 29th January.

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The cadets of NCC and the police take part in the march past. Republic Day Celebrations The Republic Day is declared a public holiday and people from all walks of life involve in various celebrations across the country.

Flag hoisting ceremonies, cultural programmes, speeches, various competitions etc are conducted in all the schools as well as in the government and private offices.

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The Town Hall, the Parliament House and the secretariat and many big offices are worth seeing.

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