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It is a positive process and suggests that all people with their moral, religion and spiritual believes are equal.

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Non-exclusivist systems of belief, on the other hand, may feel quite free to incorporate other traditions into their own. Essay on Religious Syncretism and its Consequences in Mayan Society Essay on Religious Syncretism and its Consequences in Mayan Society Words5 Pages Religious Syncretism and its Consequences in Mayan Society When Spaniards first set foot on Mesoamerican shores in the early sixteenth century, they encountered not the godless mass of natives they believed they found, but a people whose rich spiritual traditions shaped and sustained them for thousands of years. It was seen as a tainted practice of Islam, due to the observance of pagan observances. References List Miller, D. However, if syncretism had not occurred in the Americas, modern culture could be different in several ways. In , , people died in hospitals across the United States Fox, First of all, it would be impossible for people from different countries to create families. This forced the merger of the different African cultures to form a broad and diverse African culture that characterized the African-American population. Religious Syncretism And Religious Beliefs Essay - Religious syncretism is a blending of two or more religious beliefs or practices into a new system, or the merging into a new religious tradition of beliefs from different traditions.

Stewart, C, and Shaw, R. Religions may have syncretic elements to their beliefs or history, but adherents of so-labeled systems often frown on applying the label, especially adherents who belong to "revealed" religious systems, such as the Abrahamic religionsor any system that exhibits an exclusivist approach.

The mystery of religious belief beyond the definition is still and will always be a much-debated topic.

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For example, the Voodoo religion, and that of early Christianity are stereotyped as extremely different, but with closer inspection, not only are these two religions are very obviously similar, but Voodooism stemmed, partly, out of Christianity.

But then industrialization which sheered benefits demonstrated by authorities and modernized programs in China arose.

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Thus it is impossible for any religious system to be "pure" in its total insulation from external influence, and the fact of syncretism is therefore neither surprising nor interesting. And much of the influence of Christianity in India is most clearly seen in moral or religious movements seeking to blend it with Hinduism. We can see the consequences of wrong marriages in next generations on our children. At any rate, if it happens, there can be distressing results. Bentley , however, have argued that syncretism has also helped to create cultural compromise. Syncretism is a mixture of cultural and religious beliefs that promotes a successful development of the society. Within Africa there is a unique blend of traditional religion and Western religions such as Islam and Christianity. Their melody and rhythm seemed to consume the moist evening air like a pungent odor that will not dissipate. Migratory acts led to the indirect exchange between cultures.

The religion remained traditionally strong among the African community until the Spanish conquerors began to prohibit its practice. Lack of syncretism would bring much tension to society. Life is very different in Haiti than it is in the United States, and however odd it seems to Western mentality, I could feel the presence of spirits in and around almost every aspect of life in Haiti

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Within Africa there is a unique blend of traditional religion and Western religions such as Islam and Christianity. Yet at the same time, each religion has taken it's own path and although equivalent in essence, have very different aspects with respect to background such as time and status , as well as publicity, and language. By this reasoning, adding an incompatible belief corrupts the original religion, rendering it no longer true. It affects both the personal life and all other institutions as well. In the history of Christianity, syncretism was usually considered a bad thing, the admixture of various pagan ideas as a corrupting influence in pure Christian doctrine or practice. It provides an opportunity to bring beliefs, values, and customs from one cultural tradition into contact with, and to engage different cultural traditions. This was mainly set by the Europeans and later by the blacks themselves. The records of historical western culture ranges from complex philosophy, Christianity and rational thinking that developed through a long age of change and formation that enlightened science, democracy and socialism. Hurry up! There has been little room for them to actually be able to explain their rituals and why it is important to them as a society. This method is known as syncretism and its practice was somewhat frowned upon, because it did not strictly follow the customs of Islam. One of such countries is the United States of America.
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Religious Syncretism and its Consequences in Mayan Society Essay