Girl child infanticide essay

These misconceptions only confuse and dwarf the issue of sex selection.

Girl child infanticide essay

This includes some southern states that were not considered to have a deficit in girls. Certain fetal abnormalities do not surface entirely until later in pregnancy, primarily between late first trimester and early second trimester. At the time of their deaths, Noah Yates was seven years old, John Yates was six years old, Paul Yates was four years old, and Luke Yates was two years old. This paper will focus on the roots of female infanticide and sex-selective abortions as well as the problems these practices have presented. In the animal kingdom, many alpha males killed their sons in order to prove seniority and have no competition. Although this did change in the s, the reluctance reappeared following the cathartic events of the Indian rebellion of , which caused government by the East India Company to be supplanted by the British Raj. Women are not expected, or often times allowed, to work in conventional breadwinning jobs. It is one of the strongest male dominated societies. China Female infanticide has existed in China for a long time, and although the One Child per Family policy has added to the problem, it didn't cause it. Spending money on educating a girl is equated to investing in a venture that has already failed. In an attempt to simplify and understand the problem, I am working on a digital and visual rhetoric of videos and infographs: a combination of words and visuals in a poster. Infanticide is associated with aiding the death of an infant and infant euthanasia. Poisonous substances such as the root of the plumbago rosea and arsenic were used for abortion, with the latter also ironically being used as an aphrodisiac and cure for male impotence. By this conclusion he states that the possibility of the fetus reaching the requisite concept in the future does not qualify as an excuse to deny abortion.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu added another incentive, giving money to families that had more than one daughter. India is one of the worst countries to live in as a woman. Then seeing how Mary Yates was a year old, Andrea also committed infanticide.

Female infanticide in india 2018

Although the state has taken steps [c] to abolish the dowry system, the practice persists, and for poorer families in rural regions female infanticide and gender selective abortion is attributed to the fear of being unable to raise a suitable dowry and then being socially ostracized. The low status of women and girls is due to cultural beliefs and the material cost they represent to their families. Male child preference and abortion of female child is a violation of the Right to life which has been guaranteed by the Indian constitution. Similar words like 'gynocide' and 'femicide' are used to describe the killing of females of any age. However, by giving parents the freedom to select using ethical techniques, the consequential reduction of global infanticide with ultimately triumph over the negligible terminations required for selection. Female infanticide was common in pre-Islamic Arabia. According to women's rights activist Donna Fernandes, some practices are so deeply embedded within Indian culture it is "almost impossible to do away with them", and she has said that India is undergoing a type of " female genocide ". Since then, the act has been amended in

Abstract— One of the most developed in the 3rd world countries is republic of India. Maternal Health Care Law forbids the use of technological advances, such as ultra-sound machines, to establish the sex of foetuses, so as not to pre-determine the fate of female infants or encourage selective abortion.

female infanticide in kerala

Female infanticide Female infanticide is the deliberate killing of girl babies. The organization mostly sees the importance of educating the men who are in the work force on the issues of women within society.

This latest phenomenon became possible primarily through the misuse of ultrasound technology.

how to stop female infanticide

Confucianism The male bias in China is deeply rooted in Chinese traditions which leads parents to want their first child to be a boy.

In his article, he made a case against the conservative position on abortion.

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Female Infanticide