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He has grown tomatoes four times: The first attempt ended in a dismal failure. The demand for tomatoes has been constant because it is indispensable in a majority of Kenyan meals-most families use tomatoes in at least two meals every day. A model, low-cost greenhouse farm for vegetable and fruit production as a business will be established for technology diffusion, young farmer training, and extension services. They often require quality products and a reliable supply-we will certainly be able to satisfy these requirements. Advantages of business planning: Potential benefits realized from the development of a business plan include: Improved understanding of opportunities, problems and weaknesses ; Greater control over the organization. The USD 5, grant will be used to: Construct a model, small-scale affordable vegetable and fruit greenhouse farm for technology diffusion, youth farmers training, and extension services at a cost of USD SUSE has also agreed to voluntarily provide on-the-ground technical backup for this initiative.

We will use both of these units in order to maximize profits. Many people start businesses without a plan; sometimes it can come from sheer bravado, thinking "I don't need a plan", or alternatively you might hear "It's all inside my head, that's my business plan".

Construct, on a loan basis, ten youth-group owned and managed, affordable greenhouses at a cost of USD 3, The credit period will be the subject of agreement between us and individual customers and will not be a blanket predetermined period.

Photograph: Illuminum Greenhouses Built from local material — which drove down costs — the greenhouse is fitted with sensors that monitor temperature, humidity and soil moisture, and sends text messages to farmers alerting them to any changes they need to make to conditions inside.

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Just like in any other economic activity, before jumping into the business, it is advisable that you first create a greenhouse farming business plan. You can implement the steps below.

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I want to use my knowledge, skills, and experience in development studies, and my exposure in agribusiness, to make a meaningful, positive, and lasting socio-economic change in my community.

Our research has revealed that they are competent and reliable and that working with them will be beneficial to us. Our tomatoes will be mainly sold through wholesale marketing.

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Eventually, within three years, the project will diversify into value addition through processing and packaging for local and international markets. Marketing will be one of the major pillars of this venture. I will be the Project Coordinator and Mentee. This will be done immediately after the plants are planted i. Amiran Kenya has had a long presence in the country and has supplied several farmers with greenhouses for decades. The project model is financially self-sustaining and will not be dependent on grants beyond the seed grant of USD 5, Construct, on a loan basis, ten youth-group owned and managed, affordable greenhouses at a cost of USD 3, Establish market linkages with supermarket chains, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and agro-processors, as well as off-take vegetables and fruits from the youth groups, to supply these markets through contractual arrangements. Moreover, productivity of vegetables and fruit under greenhouse structures is twice as high as open-field production, and also susceptibility to weather changes, pests, and diseases is greatly minimized.
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Greenhouse Farming Business Plan