Help writing a book proposal

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Pay attention, and note the way that even without consciously intending it, you are crafting a stronger, more rousing pitch. I have personally found it very valuable—before sitting down to write the proposal—to talk to friends about my book idea. Sample Chapter This is a pretty important part of most book proposals, but the importance varies. What makes yours special? Who are you friends with, how have they committed to help you, what organizations are backing you, what will they do with the book, etc. But once anyone could self-publish and everyone had access to every book ever published, the game changed. In that case, just say so. That platform will include any way you have of reaching your target audience: social media, broadcasting, journalism, a blog, a mailing list — anything. Ask yourself: Are there similar books to yours out there? Even here, do bear in mind your audience. Come join us.

Many authors make the mistake of trying to argue that the potential market for the book is huge. He felt that his material was incredibly important, and that sense of passion communicated itself freely and authentically in his writing. It has one purpose: to convince a traditional publisher to give you money to write the book.

Help writing a book proposal

As you can see, not all of them are the same, and some even violate the rules I am giving you. What should be in your book proposal: A Template A good standard proposal template might run roughly as follows. If not, simply try to make it as clear and compelling as you possibly can. Do likewise. And the good news here is that you may be able to get away with relatively little. The book I sold for a lot of money had to do with British history, and was presented as the kind of book that you could give your dad for Christmas. Members of Jericho Writers get access to all our video courses for free. To paint a portrait of your target audience , think as a marketer might, instead. Weirdly, no one had ever really taken that question as the subject for a book like mine, and it was of obvious commercial potential. Editors are like sheep—they all want to follow a leader. A rose light is creeping up the flank of Mount Yabbedeedoodha across the valley. Your pitch offers the publisher the opportunity to acquire a non-fiction book, authored by you, on the subject set out in your proposal. Why is it this way? At others, not so much.

It helps sales to have a famous name attached to any book. So why wait? A book proposal is a pitch to a publisher.

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There are dozens of dud proposals for every one good one, so any publisher will want to know: Subject: What do you want to write about?

Also include the number of people on your mailing list, if applicable, and detail any other way you have of engaging with an audience.

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What problem does it solve? You can find out about upcoming events and happenings here.

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How to Write a Book Proposal: a Master Guide (with Template)