How to find ideas for writing a novel

Whatever comes to mind. Takeaway: Before you write, you first need an idea of what your story is going to be about.

I want to write a novel but i have no ideas

If you brainstorm the big picture, the actual writing is even more rewarding - you know you will have a cracking tale to tell. All have the same underlying aspect of the horrors of the Holocaust, but the books can end up totally different. I summarise each scene on index cards and lay them out on my lounge floor, then swap them around to choose the most exciting order. Check what detailed knowledge readers expect from your genre. It's about the rise of far right nationalists which is really happening in Hungary but it's also about the MacGuffin, the mummified hand of St Istvan. I wondered what would happen if you lived through one of these natural disasters, then I started to consider a dark fantasy spin on the idea. Aspects of this research may bubble up in a character at some point. I'm reading a lot about war photographers at the moment, following my curiosity, even though I don't have a particular story in mind. Others who are seeking to make similar transformations can benefit greatly from your experiences. Write actual lists of these things. Under the influence of alcohol, she composed music, wrote sketches, choreographed dances and read academic papers. And when you visit a new place, notice what you're feeling and consider the questions that arise.

And write fast. And so on. This is something which has greatly touched you in the last year or two. The Sweet Spot This is the bleeding heart of your novel. That rogue element will always have the effect of lifting the story and giving the reader a little thrill of excitement.

What if you met a sexy billionaire who offered you everything in exchange for something unexpected in the bedroom? The idea is not to stress about structure, not to analyze where the story is going, not even to think about it as a story yet. Take a moment to see what your actual reactions are. Those are the ones to investigate further.

list of ideas for a book
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How To Gather Ideas, Turn Them Into A Novel