How to not procrastinate writing a check

But, unfortunately, too many people look at formatting first, rather than last. They might have nothing to do with your current project, or they might just be the key that unlocks the entire thing! Go with the flow and get those words, writer! Many of my clients tell me that once they begin meditating regularly their writing sessions flow much more smoothly, and they face less procrastination overall.

You may have already employed this tactic when you sought to lessen the pain of procrastination in step 2. Whatever the case, whether your procrastination stems from a single cause or all of them at once, knowing what lies at the root of your writing struggle is the first step to overcoming it.

Don't ever be afraid to set aside a project that just isn't the one for you. For example, ADHDanxiety, and depression are associated with procrastination.

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Go for it! It takes the pressure off, reminding me that progress — not productivity — is what's most important. Feel the words filling up inside you again, open your project, and go! You are deciding. You already know about blocking distractions like social media and email and removing any objects of temptation like books, magazines, and other forms of print media not essential to your current writing project.

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How to Avoid Paper Writing Procrastination