How to write a formal letter for a job interview

A formal interview request letter have the basic information: the date of the interview, the entire duration of the interview, the expected time that the interview is to start, the interviewer to be present in the conversation, the description of the interview and the topics that are to be covered, and the location where the interview will be held.

A formal letter for job interview invitation includes the following items: the message stating the fact that the applicant have passed the initial screening of the job application process, the interview invitation, the date and time that an applicant is expected to show up for the interview, the location where the interview is to be held, the items that the applicant needs to bring in the interview, and the job position where the applicant will be interviewed for.

Most of the time, the answer is yes.

job interview request letter

With the team at such a critical juncture, I'd love to lend my experience and skills to help the team build a stronger customer base and social media presence — particularly bringing my unique lens as a marketer that we discussed from my time working at agencies.

And your greeting can be as simple as "Hi Kate.

How to write a formal letter for a job interview

Sign off politely and prepare to follow up. If you sent an email note, don't paste it into your word processor and click print. I am very enthusiastic about the possibility of joining your team and would greatly appreciate a follow-up as you move forward with the hiring process. Restarting your job search can be challenging and, if you've been turned down, you may be more discouraged because you need to re-start your momentum. Write as if you're explaining to a friend why you'd rock this particular job. When you crowd too much handwriting into a small space, legibility and comprehension can be lost. Make a list of your relevant experience and skills. As we discussed, you need someone with strong [whatever] skills, and I have extensive experience with [whatever technology or tool that is important to the job and that you have experience using]. And then there are at least two rounds of interviews and then the final selection. Want to use this letter? It can, if the note is well written.

Additional reporting by Jennifer Post. It can, if the note is well written. For the employer, this note is a "sample" of your work.

sample letter requesting an interview for job

Run spellcheck and proofread carefully.

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Sample Formal Interview Letter