How to write a professional music artist bio

What grabbed your attention and held it? The last paragraph or so of your bio is where you let the reader know what they can expect from you, which helps keep them engaged by giving them something to look forward to—which is always a good thing!

You might mention if you came from a musical family and some details about the experience.

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If all someone read were the first 25 words, would that give them a true sense of who you are as an artist? It is a resume. Above all, just remember that nothing puts online readers off more than seeing a huge block of text.

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Take notes! Copywriters are those creative writing types who write advertisements. You want to be sure to keep your visitors engaged - not lose them with lengthy paragraphs of text. Add a quick description of what your music is like. You have to show them why you are unique. First and foremost, your bio should tell a story. Avoid opinion based phrases like: Incredibly influential, critically acclaimed, wickedly talented, etc. If you are posting online or including it as part of your EPK, make sure you pay attention to the visual impact. Opened for a well-known band, or played a big festival? Be ready to edit the shit out of your bio. Now you have a catchy headline, dive into your background and tell your story in the most interesting and compelling way possible.

If you have an album planned for the fall, I want to hear about it. Background information Include some relevant background information, including your musical history, but keep it short.

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Aim for one thought per sentence. Most bios will be less than a page. We want the world to enjoy and appreciate what we do. Try and give people an angle, something unique and interesting that they can hang their hat on. Copywriters are those creative writing types who write advertisements. Be prepared to spend time thinking deeply about what drives you as an artist, jotting down notes on a piece of paper. The spellcheck again!

Now we have that out of the way, let us return to the artist bio. If you were a carny for a few years before you discovered your love of music, mention that!

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How Do You Write a Performer Bio? Find an Artist Bio Example