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You should also learn what their needs are, so that you can offer them a solution. However, because the internet is a gift that keeps on giving, what used to be side gigs like jingle composing can now become a full-time income-generating career for the right people.

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Creating a piece of music that can sell a product can be creatively demanding, but it can also be quite rewarding. Make sure to keep them updated with your jingle samples, trivia about the industry, and other insider tips you might want to share.

Purchase equipment from local music stores or online. If you have recording experience, then composing jingles would be much easier.

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Create a home music studio to record jingles or arrange to rent a music studio for a few hours when you want to record jingles. In fact, the ability to show diversity can be a great strength, especially if you work independently with various ad agencies or as a freelancer. A person can typically remember the jingle, its message, and most importantly the brand represented by it, when considering some of the best jingles and slogans over the last 30 years.

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Catchphrases have a focus on marketing, clarity and simplicity. On iSpot you can look up any commercial, who produced it, what ad agency was behind it, which music house. The client may already have a slogan or catchphrase she wants you to use in addition to a preferred style of music. If you were hired to write a catchphrase, this is the end of the process before you present your idea to the client. Do you have the musical skills and equipment knowhow to turn a tune into an actual jingle? Strike up conversations with people at ad agencies, email them, even send them gifts if need be. That it would also help shift the industry when Nike needed it most makes it that much better, too. Bear in mind that your client may already have a hook he wants you to use for a jingle. Are they dance tracks and electronica, or more quirky, acoustic songs from artists like Ingrid Michaelson?

Find a mentor. Have you dreamt of starting your own business and taking your love for catchy jingles into a full-pledged career? This is really tricky territory, because even something that is perceived as intent to sound like another piece of music can be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Compare the experiences to what your client wishes to communicate about the product.

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The beats and tunes paired with the words should blend perfectly together to create an irresistible jingle that anyone would instantly recognize. Follow Us. If you enjoy composing short pieces of music and lyrics, consider starting a jingle writing business. The slogan was used by the land warfare service branch from through and was eventually replaced by several new attempts to effectively reach its target audience. The SXSW interactive portion not necessarily the music festival is great because you can listen to a lot of conversations about branding and marketing to get your thumb on the pulse of potential clients. Have you been making up tunes your whole life? For example, if you are writing an jingle for an Italian restaurant, do not write an instrumental piece that sounds like polka or mariachi music.
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Writing Successful Slogans & Jingles: 11 Perfect Examples