How to write allons-y in gallifreyan translator

Maybe that's what the Devil is in the end: an idea.

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Nothing at all, not ever. Just a So where is she? That's when it all ended. The Doctor: Oh, come on! Does that make it the actual Devil?! The Doctor hits the brakes. Bernice Summerfield [src] During the incident with the Sycorax on Christmas , the translation circuit worked for all humans on the Sycorax ship, even though the Tenth Doctor was not, at the time, apparently aware of their presence. The Doctor: Well, if that's what you want to believe. TV : A Town Called Mercy Multilingual individuals were sometimes capable of identifying what language was being spoken. Well, when I say "very good" I mean not bad. The Doctor: Yes. Eddie: She's a female. PROSE : The Final Sanction Likewise, the translation circuit did not compensate for the glitch in Sil 's translation system that caused his voice to sound so disturbing. The Doctor: [with Rose on an alien planet] How long are you going to stay with me?

No, not at all! This is where I was born.

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There's no call for it. AUDIO : Survival of the Fittest The Ninth Doctor once mentioned that the translation systems had a swear filter that prevented the passengers from hearing any swear words ; even an angry cavewoman's rants were translated as her saying, "Blinking", rather than a more apt phrase.

How to write allons-y in gallifreyan translator

The Impossible Planet [2. Jackie: You're always doing this, reducing it to science. Jackie: I tell you what, Elton. I've got—[shows psychic paper] Dame Kelly Holmes Close resident: We've had plenty of coppers poking around here, and you don't look or sound like any of them. And that hole, you think, "Oh, shall we leave it alone? The entire surface of this dimension splintered. Passionate, I suppose And this is where I died. But we'll make you perfectly comfortable. Abzorbaloff: See, I've read about you, Doctor. I'm being facetious, I Rose: No one upsets my mum. And that's how the ghosts get through, that's how they get everywhere - they're bleeding through the fault lines! The Doctor: I've got a reputation to uphold! Rose voice-over : Well, that's what I thought.

Because now, Detective Inspector Bishop, there is no power on this earth that can stop me! Elton: [glances at the Abzorbaloff] Great big absorbing creature from outer space, and you're having a go at me?

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Connolly, what gender is the Queen? The first nineteen years of my life, nothing happened. All the people we've lost, our families, coming back home. Right, I've changed my mind—start worrying about me. Ida: But if this is the original, does that make it real? So I'm ordering you - SIR! Hm, she's not the best I've ever had. There's no call for it. Dig that New York vibe. Darkness, childhood, nightmares, all that sort of stuff. So why's that your wife's job?

It was either that or hairdressing. Just a The Doctor: Yeah. The Doctor: Trainee.

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