Identify the challenges and opportunities managers have in applying ob concepts

Today, change is an ongoing activity for most managers. There are a lot of challenges and opportunities today for managers to use Organizational behavior concepts.

Coping with temporariness

Since the gap in performance The basic assumption of the theory is that the employees are not, by nature passive and resistant to organizational needs, but they are forced to become passive due to inadequate supportive climate at work, if they are given chance, they can show a better result, share responsibility, develop a drive to contribute and improve themselves. The management orientation under this theory is integration. Sri Lankan tea is exported to many cities around the globe. The great ones are ready to be laughed at and criticized in the beginning because they can see their path ahead and are too busy Biographical Characteristics 2. This makes it increasingly difficult for married employees to find the time to fulfill commitments to home, spouse, children, parents, and friends. To improve the customer service need to provide sales service and also the after sales service. Everyone in the organization faces today is one of permanent temporariness. In fact, it is realized that the development Today, change is an ongoing activity for most managers. Primary activities or functions associated with management include planning, organising, leading and controlling. The psychological result of this feeling is to develop a sense of participation and task involvement in the organization. Management control to empowerment In the s, managers were encouraged to get their employees to participate in work related decisions. I personally enjoyed the fact that the simulation was based on a real estate management company.

For example, jobs in which success demands stamina, manual dexterity skillstrength or similar talents require management to identify an employee's physical capabilities. They wanted to say many things and sometimes they did say, but only when they left the job or lost their temper.

Empowering People The main issue is delegating more power and responsibility to the lower level cadre of employees and assigning more freedom to make choices about their schedules, operations, procedures and the method of solving their work-related problems.

Due to the implementation of empowerment concepts across all the levels, the relationship between managers and the employees is reshaped. Usually one model throughout accepted by all the organizations in the country but other models also find place in some of the organizations at the same time.

To improve the customer service need to provide sales service and also the after sales service.

list and explain 3 such challenges and opportunities for organizational behavior

Their higher-order needs are met so they have awakened drives for work.

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Chapter 1 what is organizational behavior