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Uncle George and three Native American men hold the Indian woman down.

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What kind of accident did her husband have? Irony: The prizefighter is allowed to hit in the ring but not out of it.

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This difficult access to the Indian camp suggests that it is a protected, secret place and the dogs which come running to bark at the characters, like Cerberus guarding the entrance to Hades, add to the secrecy of the place. And I got hurt. He offers instead a specific description: that she is in labor and all her muscles are trying to get the baby born, causing her to scream. Reality: The men dream of traveling the world but have responsibilities. He wants to avoid making him nervous, so he only tells him a few necessary things about the trip. What does Nick think about his own death? Through the screaming of the Indian woman, Hemingway symbolizes what the Greeks defined as the Phthoggos, i. The theme of suffering is evident in this story and the suffering by two of the characters is caused by the unborn baby itself. Who is the protagonist in this story? The Indian woman goes through more physical pain when the doctor started operating on her without the right surgical supplies.

Works of literature use the theme of suffering to portray how people suffer in their own way and how they react to their suffering. No happy or sad endings are to allow the reader a cathartic reading.

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This incident provided the setting for one of his most famous novels A Farewell to Arms. Who was with Nick as the story opens? Relationship 17 Cross-country Snow Order: The men live with order, but the waitress is pregnant and not married.

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A style, many critics of his time described as the mere fruit of his journalistic pen.

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