Keywords to use in college essay

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Firstly, X. Disparity — a great difference between things — N And thirdly, Z. Sometimes even a single word that stands as a paragraph can make the reader wonder and read on. Image by Allen Grove Most college admissions essays are first-person narratives , so they are obviously written in the first person. Set yourself towards giving your best, it matters. Who others fail, he is not one to make a mountain out of a molehill. Is the essay organized? The revision replaces the bland verb "is" with the more engaging verbs "deserve" and "trace. Today I'll always pick up my trumpet before the television remote. That means you should write with voice, that is, you need to write with your own personality.

You might even bury your answer to a prompt in a story or in a moral tale or even in a description. With this in mind Usage: Use this when you want your reader to consider a point in the knowledge of something else. Exacerbate — to make a situation worse — V If the word "it" or "there" is a true pronoun with an antecedent, no expletive construction exists.

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Revised Version Consider how much tighter and more engaging the passage is without all the unnecessary language: Theater did not come naturally to me, and I felt remarkably self-conscious and nervous the first few times I set foot on stage in the eighth grade.

Context 2: Analysis These words can often be used when describing common patterns between examples or casting some form of opinion or judgement.

The most common verb in the English language is "to be" is, was, were, am, etc.

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On Saturday I get to spend time at the animal shelter. The result is a sentence in which the thing performing the action of the sentence is either missing or tacked onto the end of the sentence. On the other hand Usage: Usage of this phrase includes introducing a contrasting interpretation of the same piece of evidence, a different piece of evidence that suggests something else, or an opposing opinion.

Keywords to use in college essay

In fact, the job had rewards similar to several other jobs I have had during high school. Having said that, the archaeology tells a different story. Below are 50 above-average vocabulary words sorted by the contexts in which they could most easily be worked into an ACT essay. Example of Excessive Digression Consider the middle sentence in this short passage: Although it wasn't academically challenging, I learned a lot from my job at Burger King. In this example, the writer uses the word "I" seven times in three sentences. Choice of words. Revitalize — to give something new life and vitality — V Helped: you have to provide a helping hand to those in need. Enter your name and email below to download the checklist. Conundrum — a difficult problem with no easy solution — N

In answering an essay prompt, you need not always do it the most normal way. As a result, my love of basketball will make me a better business major.

This means that essays on many subjects were seen favorably by the admissions departments at those schools.

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Oftentimes, these subjects carry implications for broader issues such as freedom or morality. Wendy is the one doing the kicking, but she isn't in the subject position in the sentence. Completed: everybody wants someone who can finish whatever they start, or is given to them. Venal — corrupt; susceptible to bribery — Adj. Image by Allen Grove Digression isn't always wrong in a college admissions essay. Revised Version Consider how much more effective the essay would be if revised to use active verbs: As the opposing team approached the goal, a striker kicked the ball towards the upper right corner. Identified: attention to details is critical to succeed in life. Revitalize — to give something new life and vitality — V What you should be are doing is getting noticed as unique. Discredit — to harm the reputation or respect for someone — V
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Using these words in your admission essay may secure you a spot at Harvard