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John Thomas replaced Kid Ory on trombone. Among those who became influenced by his phrasing while adapting it to their own musical personalities were Bing Crosby who brought jazz phrasing into pop musicBillie HolidayCab Calloway and Ella Fitzgerald among countless others.

The city had jobs for blacks making good wages at factories with some left over for entertainment.

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John Thomas replaced Kid Ory on trombone. As his reputation grew, he was challenged to cutting contests by other musicians. Excellent when combined with audio or even video of his performances. When the mob insisted that he get out of town, [51] Armstrong visited New Orleans, had a hero's welcome, and saw old friends. His amazing technical abilities, the joy and spontaneity, and amazingly quick, inventive musical mind still dominate Jazz to this day. Coming to prominence in the mid 20th century America when racism was much prevalent, he was one of the first African-American entertainers to be highly popular among both the white and the colored segments of the society. Peter Davis, who frequently appeared at the home at the request of Captain Jones, [26] became Armstrong's first teacher and chose him as bandleader. She encouraged him to play classical music in church concerts to broaden his skills. Albert was from Boutte, Louisiana , and gave birth at home when she was about sixteen. By , he was approaching 70 and his health began to give out. Sidney Armstrong played in brass bands and riverboats in New Orleans, first on an excursion boat in September

Knowing he lived without a father, they fed and nurtured him. She encouraged him to play classical music in church concerts to broaden his skills.

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His resonant, velvety lower-register tone and bubbling cadences on sides such as "Lazy River" exerted a huge influence on younger white singers such as Bing Crosby. William Armstrong abandoned the family shortly after. The new group was announced at the opening of Billy Berg's Supper Club. Record of Armstrong's visit to Brazil, The illustration in these early chapters is rather drab. Rather than mostly performing jazz originals and New Orleans standards as earlier, Armstrong explored popular songs from the Great American Songbook, changing the compositions of Gershwin , Porter , Berlin , Rodgers and others into jazz through his interpretations. He also became second trumpet for the Tuxedo Brass Band. Armstrong defined what it was to play Jazz. Meals were often little more than bread and molasses. In her small home, he had to share a bed with his mother and sister. Like almost all early Jazz musicians, Louis was from New Orleans. Armstrong also began to experience problems with his fingers and lips, which were aggravated by his unorthodox playing style. His s recordings took full advantage of the new RCA ribbon microphone , introduced in , which imparted a characteristic warmth to vocals and immediately became an intrinsic part of the ' crooning ' sound of artists like Bing Crosby.

Armstrong's radical re-working of Sidney Arodin and Carmichael's " Lazy River " recorded in encapsulated many features of his groundbreaking approach to melody and phrasing. His swinging solos were emulated by others and, by the time he moved back to Chicago in late, jazz had moved a decade ahead of where it was in For a time he was a member of the Lil Hardin Armstrong Band and working for his wife.

Born into poverty in New Orleans, he had a very difficult childhood after his father abandoned the family.

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Armstrong's famous interpretation of Carmichael's " Stardust " became one of the most successful versions of this song ever recorded, showcasing Armstrong's unique vocal sound and style and his innovative approach to singing songs that had already become standards.

By then, Louis Armstrong had a beautiful tone, a wide range, and an exciting style on the cornet.

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