Kryptonian writing a check

I've updated the consonant image with the new letter. I noticed something different right off the bat. I can't stress enough how beneficial learning IPA can be. Get the first pIqaD here along with several other Star Trek alphabets of varying degrees of officialness.

kryptonian symbol for strength

The last one bottom right is the IPA [x] which sounds like the ch in "Bach" or "loch". Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag. You can also go here to check out a truly wondrous attempt to go beyond a simple letter substitution scheme and create a complete, linguistically consistent Kryptonian, complete with nine vowels and twenty-four consonants.

But first, a couple quick notes. Here's how it would work in English: say you want to write "Fry. You can download it here. After more playing around, I can say that, long story short, this writing system is a bit clever and very pretty. After you write the check, make a record of the payment. Complete the steps in any order you like.

And, for the Star Trek fan who has everything except a Klingon keyboard, here is a Klingon keyboard. And, thanks to a detailed website, such a cypher exists.

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How to Read the Signs on 'Krypton'