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Preparing a Business Plan. This will be possible through hiring the services of experts in this field who will form the bulk of our workforce. Showing earning from sale quantity amount per amount in a Amount in a kg rate cattle month year boneless Meat 70 ribs, backbone, Legs kangchung 4 70 Organs liver,lungsā€¦ 4 90 dry meat 43 sliced meat wet 30 Intestine 1 Hides 1 TOTAL ANNEX 2. It is easy to make a financial loss before fattening even starts by paying too much for the cattle. With the start of 11th Five Year Plan, Royal Government of Bhutan is stressing on agricultural sectorial development, especially on livestock development. Secondly, the location of our project is selected in such a way that it is near to border area from which we can get cheap labor with necessary skills. This grade is usually called Prime beef or Super beef. Outlook for the future Some of the future scopes of success in operating our beef producing unit during our period of functioning will be as mentioned below. Gulik, D.

Beef would be specially packed in varying quantity and will have brand name attached to it. The first year would be dedicated in buying cattle, constructing buildings, pasture development and many more.

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Therefore the threat of new entrants is high. This includes a quality control unit which will be manned by these experts and will ensure that every product is closely and thoroughly tested and undergoes stringent scrutiny before it is released for consumption.

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And until and unless the loan is not cleared within the four year. Cost of cattle shed construction is estimated Nu.

Preparing a Business Plan. Human resource Management At the inception of Bhutan Beef Production Unit, we will employ ourselves to do all the functions from rearing till management and marketing. Currently, the land is used by few farmers to graze their cattle in winter.

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Sample Cattle Farming Business Plan Template