Maha shiwaratri day

Mr Varshney said Kumbh will conclude on a rare occasion, Maha Shivaratri Many devotees will stay awake all night singing devotional songs and chanting mantras. Large processions are carried out throughout the city, with people thronging the streets to catch a glimpse of the revered idol of Lord Shiva.

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Sabudana tapioca khichdi, upma, pakora and kuttu singahri ka puri are some popular dishes consumed by devotees across the world. Another legend has it that after the Earth was faced with an imminent destruction, Goddess Parvati pledged with Lord Shiva to save the world. It is in this context that Shiva, the vast emptiness or nothingness, is referred to as the great lord, or Mahadeva. A very famous tradition associated with the shivratri celebrations is drinking thandai, which is a drink made of bhang - cannabis, sweet almonds and milk. Burning enrage yields wealth. It is all-pervading, everywhere, omnipresent. Maha Shivaratri also celebrates the night when Lord Shiva performed the "Tandav", the cosmic dance. Maha Shivaratri is celebrated during the night and day that comes just before the new moon. From that day onwards, the hunter stopped eating meat. It is a source unto itself.

But Mahashivratri is of a different significance. To unite ourselves with the One Self is to recognize the Shiva in us. Often, fairs and special events are also held around these temples. The Mahakaleshwar TempleUjjain is one of the most venerated shrines consecrated to Shiva, where a large congregation of devotees gathers to offer prayers on the day of Maha Shivaratri.

They take bath in the holy water of the Ganga Symbol of the purity early in the morning before sunrise and wear a clean clothe after the sacred bath. It is believed that the people who fast on this night and offer prayers to Lord Shiva bring good luck into their life.

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Let this night not just be a night of wakefulness, let this night be a night of awakening for you. Others believe that it is the day when Shiva married the goddess, Parvati.

Other legends say that Shiva named this specific day when the goddess Parvati asked. According to another legend, this is the night when Shiva and Parvati got married.

But, for the ascetics, it is the day he became one with Mount Kailash. The poison was so deadly that even a drop in his stomach, which represents the universe, would have annihilated the entire world.

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Significance of Mahashivratri