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Those who enroll receive guidance in improving their own expertise as not just scholars and masters of their craft but also as teachers of literature and writing. Students who pursue an English Masters degree at Hunter come from diverse backgrounds and bring to the department a variety of strengths, experiences, and interests.

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Faculty members offering courses in the program facilitate stimulating seminars that represent a wide array of critical practices and disciplines, including medieval literature, postcolonial studies, gender and sexuality studies, Shakespeare and Renaissance studies, Romanticism, Victorian literature, modernism, American studies, linguistics, and rhetoric. However, please be sure to check with the Office of Financial Aid regarding enrollment requirements for financial support. Transfer of credit is subject to the approval of the department or graduate advisor and to the regulations of the Hunter program in which the student is enrolled. For sample exam prompts, please see the English MA Blackboard site. However, no more than 9 credits may be taken as a non-matriculant of the program. All English majors also have the option to take one of their elective courses in another department. How many credits from previous master's courses can I transfer into the program? Our diverse faculty and student body collectively cultivate an environment of energy, community, and rigorous academic study. Consult individual course descriptions or an English advisor for guidance. Completion of a Master's Thesis, preferably an expansion of a term paper. Requirements 30 credits of satisfactory graduate work in English, including at least one course in pre literature and ENGL Thesis Research.

Successful completion of such a course may also, if arranged beforehand, qualify as an Honors course. However, no more than 9 credits may be taken as a non-matriculant of the program.

Document Actions. Department faculty members specialize in a broad spectrum of literatures, theories and critical practices, as well as in creative writing, rhetoric, pedagogy, and linguistics. Students may not use ENGL or to satisfy this requirement.

Admissions A Bachelor of Arts degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution acceptable to Hunter College.

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