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These past four years have connected me to other students, to my passion for social justice and youth advocacy, and, most importantly, to my future as a college student — the first in my family.

Miraculous Bamboo Transformation Coming to My Village Show, the audience will be awakened in the typical village of the North with an early morning which has many daily activities of villagers. I hope I can make a difference and help make our city, state, and our country a better place in the future.

Breathtaking Contemporary Cirque Performace Feast your eyes on stunning movement, graceful contortion and metaphoric juggling performed by talented artists. We need to motivate all young people to take those steps and most importantly, to vote.

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Ze slaan een brug tussen twee werelden. The show boasts a live band of five seasoned and renowned local artists who perform worldwide and honored by the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture. We hebben een innovatief donatiesysteem opgezet waarmee je de migranten die zelf een ontwikkelingsproject hebben opgezet direct kunnen ondersteunen.

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Sincewith facilitation from MVi, Pou Nhav community members started the ICLT project in order to be recognized and received legal ownership to their indigenous land under the state law.

Chan Mut and other five peoples who live since they born in Nhang Sum village, Stung Treng, used to earn their living by fishing in the Sekong River by using the illegal fishing gears.

We reiken de dorpen de juiste middelen aan, zodat ze daarna zelf verder kunnen bouwen en in hun behoeftes kunnen voorzien zonder onze hulp. As a first generation college student like me, you need a large support system to make it through high school, navigate the college application and enrollment processes, and feel prepared for the future.

This helped me to build friendships and bonds and strengthened my village. Het doel van Pimp my village is om ontwikkelingsprojecten van migranten in hun land van herkomst te ondersteunen.

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Through a unique use of props and graceful storytelling, My Village Show totally breaks away from the traditional circus, just as celebrated by French press critics.

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My Village Show