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It was built near the banks of the river Boyne, and close to two other Neolithic burial sites; Knowth and Dowth. Access to Newgrange Access to Newgrange is by guided tour only.

Since then this facade has been greatly criticised as not being authentic to the original structure built by the Neolithic people. The Facade fronting Newgrange is the only part of the structure that was not built by the Neolithic people.

They lived in wattle and daub huts. Kerbstone 1 ; The Entrance Stone is 1. The walls of this passage are made up of large stone slabs, twenty-two of which are on the west side and twenty-one on the east, which average out at 1. Of the thousands who enter, twenty are chosen each year.

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Newgrange Stone Age Passage Tomb in the Boyne Valley