Nursing essay on evidence based nursing

The purpose of evidence based practice in nursing is mainly to improve the quality of nursing care.

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Opinions of respected authorities and expert committees The nine alternative sources include Bench marking data, Cost effectiveness analysis, Pathophysiologic data, Retrospective or concurrent chart review, Quality improvement and risk data, international, nationaland local standards, institutional data collected for infection control purposes, patient preferences and clinical expertise EBP implications for nurses Nurses serve instrumental roles in ensuring and providing evidence-based practice.

Identify level of use individual, group, organization. In many improvement activities, the intervention may change as it is evaluated, whereas in a research study the treatment or intervention remains the same. All professional nurses have the responsibility to work within their scope of practice to provide the best possible care to patients.

The medical and media uproar that his paper has created can still be seen today. When selecting a question ,nurses should formulate questions that are likely to gain support from people within the organization.

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This ensures that the best quality of care is given to the patient Duncan, Albert Einstein. EBP got mainstream throughout the late s When delivered in a context of caring and in a supportive organizational culture, evidence based practice can help to achieve the higher quality of care and best patient outcomes.

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Another barrier to implementing EBN into practice is lack of continuing education programs. A basic feature of EBP is that it deemphasizes decision making based on custom, opinion of the authority, or ritual. It keep practice current and relevant. Models that offer a framework for guiding an evidence based practice include the following : Advancing research and clinical practice through close collaboration ARCC model [Melynk and fineout-overholt ,] Diffusion of innovations theory [Rogers , ] Framework for adopting an evidence —based innovation [DiCenso et. It will be easier for the police to decide not to obtain a search warrant when they themselves deem that they have probable cause to believe drugs may be in a home. The writer will also explore whether there are any barriers in the implementation of Evidence Based Practice. Registered Nurses RNs , that assume a leadership role, continuously assess their practice in order to find out what is working and what is lacking or in need of more information Barry, Cortex consists of stretched out beam shaped cells, buried with pigment granules for hair to cede with color and is the main body of the hair shaft In order to receive this we need to get the patient involved in the decision process, listen to their views and opinions and receive the relevant, accurate, professional and medical information Nightingale Nursing Times-A window for health. It is important to address questions related to diagnosis ,therpy ,harm, and prognosis. When we make decisions based upon good quality information we are inconsistent and biased.

Nurses try to help their patients protect their health and cope with changes in their mental and physical abilities, so older people can stay independent and active as long as possible Evidence Based Practice is a process which is generally used to describe research strategies.

Professional nurses are accountable in several areas including accountability to the public, client, profession, employer, and self Hood,p.

Nursing essay on evidence based nursing
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Evidence based practice Essay Example