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Martin, J. Strategic groups are not to be confused with Porter's generic strategies which are internal strategies and do not reflect the diversity of strategic styles within an industry. Figure1 presents the diagram of the four strategic groups in the industry and Table 6 presents strategic activities of each group as indicators of their strategic dimensions.

Michael Porter developed the concept and applied it within his overall system of strategic analysis.

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Harvard Business Review January-February : Group product differentiation. Ward's clustering method that is named Ward's minimum variance method seeks to minimize the sum of squared within-cluster distance Johnson and Wichern, In fact, it has a mediator role of position between considering the industry as a group and looking at the firms individually Alsamydai et al.

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Related summaries: Christensen, C. Harvard Business Review November-December :, After mapping an industry, there are a number of additional steps that can enhance the analysis.

In addition, based on the mean scores of the responses for each tactic strategic activity and the mean scores of each group of tactics that present a distinctive competitive strategy, the difference and importance of the three competitive strategies in the current and the next five years were investigated.

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Kaplan, R. Perception to the competitive forces in different strategic groups: In order to assess how the respondent companies in the identified strategic groups perceived the five competitive forces firstly multivariate analysis of variance MANOVA at the 0. Moreover, we evaluate likely difference of performance among the strategic groups and perception of each group to the five competitive forces which are presented by Porter To analyze the problem scholars mostly developed a migration strategy approach to explain the current situation of the industry and referred to overwhelming OEM manner among the manufacturers as origin of emerging the problem Shahwahid et al. Dimensions of Competitive Strategy p. Bush and Sinclair examined the competitive business level strategy in the hardwood lumber industry through identifying strategic groups among U. Management And Accounting Web.
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