Problems of the bangladesh ready made garment sector essay

Insufficient for loan: Insufficiency of the loan in time, the uncertainty of electricity, delay in getting materials, lack of communication, the problem in taxes etc. Traffic on Dhaka-Tangail and Nabinagar-Kaliakoir highways came to a standstill at the time.

problem and prospect of garments industry in bangladesh

They are asked to work whole months at a time the Factory Act, which stipulates that no employee should work more than ten days consecutively without a break. When asked why they prefer to amply women for sewing, the owner and managers gave several reasons. The successive governments in Bangladesh have failed to provide the required infrastructure and uninterrupted energy supply, making per unit production cost in Bangladesh more expensive than most of its competitors, if one isolates the wage cost effects.

Bangladeshi entrepreneurs are already facing severe competition from exports in Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. Although Bangladesh is not developed in industry, it has been enriched in Garment industries in the recent past years.

Readymade garments industry

Later, Salman was found alive with minor injuries he had suffered in clashes with factory officials. Market failure in Bangladesh is rampant and its institutions remain weak. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demanded an independent probe into the incident when she visited the country last month. But all these expansion and global demands started after the failure of Jute export which was the big item in export in the past. This time, the workers made a demand for a pay hike. The latest spell of labor unrest started with the rumour of the death of Salman, a storekeeper at a unit of Ha-Meem Group, on May Although estimates vary by product and location of production, it is clear from published academic research, that labor costs typically constitute percent for a garment produced in the developing world. However, a key challenge is whether Bangladesh can move away from an economy that is an impressive underdog, to one that c Premium Words 76 Pages Evaluation of software industry in bangladesh: a study on hello dacca pvt. Knit garments are exported to countries and woven products to countries. Bear in mind that Mexico, the Philippines, and the Dominican Republic have relatively high labor costs. However, the agitation spread further when the angry workers came back out on the road and vandalized at least 50 vehicles and around 30 adjacent factories, witnesses said. Since the early s, the RMG industry has emerged as an important player in the economy of the country and has gradually replaced the jute industry. Bangladesh should improve its average lead time to compete in the international market.

The challenges facing the Bangladesh garment industry are formidable. There is truth in all of these. More than half of global economic growth is now driven by emerging markets.

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Present Problems in Garments sector in Bangladesh Essay Example