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Keep sentences shorter than 15 words Generally speaking, the most difficult sentences for readers to process are long sentences. For example, you could choose to look only for wordiness or only for punctuation. It is possible to leave out a word that belongs in the document.

Take breaks. Microsoft Word provides one page at a time on the screen, you may write about the same theme in many places in a long document.

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We will examine each one separately to get a clear idea of what it is, how you do it, and why it is important to producing good business writing. Maybe there is a pattern in what you are doing and you can try to avoid it in the future.

Proofreading strategies

This is a good opportunity to develop a relationship with an editing buddy. To self-edit properly, you need to read your writing out loud and listen to how it sounds. Read this review of ProWritingAid vs Whitesmoke vs Grammarly Proofreading is one of your final checks before finishing off a piece of content. Now, that amount of time depends on the document. Checking email all the time pulls you out of the proofreading moment and then it takes time to rebuild your focus. This feels contrived. Errors often lurk in that fine print below the table.

Also, a plagiarism rate shows the originality of your work. This feels contrived. So, for example, when you're proofreading advertising copy, pay particular attention to headlines.

Check telephone numbers by calling them.

proofreading techniques for business communications
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How to proofread business documents