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They collect and analyze customer data …show more content… Also, network performance is very critical in cloud computing.

Faced with an ambiguous and evolving indus- try environment, Razorfish aggressively and creatively defined the boundaries of its own industry to encompass the intersection of strategy, technology, and design. We completed development and testing of our first client project in six weeks.

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By contrast, the case would be very difficult to adapt to courses on small business manage- ment or family business. First, this case, perhaps more than most, tends to elicit a lot of personal stories from students. This migration helped Razorfish process vast amounts of data to handle the need for rapid scaling at both the application and infrastructure levels.

Also financial performance can be improved specially for small companies that need to use high-intensive data applications CRM. Algorithms are then implemented on systems that can batch execute at the appropriate scale against current data sets ranging in size from dozens of Gigabytes to Terabytes.

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Without the expensive computing resources, Razorfish risks losing clients that require Razorfish to have sufficient resources at hand during critical moments. Clearly, there were vast excesses of investor enthusiasm and managerial incompetence in the Internet era, and instructors need not pull any punches when it comes to acknowledging these excesses.

The new new thing. Finally, instructors should be on guard against the tendency that sometimes arises nowadays to analyze Internet-era events in a manner that is overly dismissive or simplistic.

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