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Service Before Self Reagan Leaders are driven by a sense of commitment and moral compass to actively engage in their communities and enact positive change. In common with many other effective leaders, Reagan was a serious writer.

Much more important to his political successes were the everyday efforts of the administration to capitalize on Reagan's engaging personality and make it, and not his sometimes harsh policies, the defining feature of his presidency.

Some people seek out reasons to disagree with others. Program Highlights Each summer, the Ronald Reagan Student Leadership Program inspires hundreds of students to expand upon their leadership abilities through the tenets of Communication, Optimism, and Informed Decision Making.

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We have this potential rise in drug abuse. His life and work were unified. Reagan strove to find areas of common ground.

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Without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure. The second thing was his commitment to restrain Soviet aggression. The Soviet Union and the imperialistic policies, which had characterized it, ended. Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music. Disguising that fact was the first of many successes by Reagan's skillful media advisers. They said a professional actor could never be elected president. We have, as I have mentioned, some ominous examples today. Reagan evaded the prideful temptation to conspicuously burn the midnight oil as president.
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