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Heinlein, "The Roads Must Roll". Sometimes you want to be a bit more subtle, and draw your readers in slowly before dropping the boom on them. It's also easy to overuse the "starting with a bang" style. Examples:: "To get to Earth from the edge of the solar system, depending on the time of year and the position of the planets, you need to pass through at least Poland, Prussia, and Turkey, and you'd probably get stamps in your passport from a few of the other great powers. But not every type of opening is right for every story. For a moment, you think it could be an alien zoo or something. Ken Liu's award-winning story speaks to anyone who's ever struggled to understand a parent.

He definitely looked like he was considering it. I could take Martin's shit but having Juliet join in hurt.

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Advertisement "I lived long enough to see the cure for death; to see the rise of the Bitchun Society, to learn ten languages; to compose three symphonies; to realize my boyhood dream of taking up residence in Disney World; to see the death of the workplace and of work.

Juliet looked to me. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love a space opera as much as the next nerd—but there's something about short-form sci-fi that has the potential to be especially mind-blowing.

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Too many characters will make the story too complex and the readers won't be able to tell them apart. Dialogue and action will drive the story forward. Think about some of your favorite science fiction and fantasy stories.

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Advertisement Here are the ones which actually stuck with me and lodged in my brain a bit: Advertisement "'I've watched through his eyes, I've listened through his ears, and I tell you he's the one.

Description should be limited in a short story.

Ideas for writing a science fiction story

My breathing grew slower, falling into step with the creaking of the hull, until I could no longer tell the difference between the faint rhythmic motion of the cabin and the sensation of filling and emptying my lungs. Glinting against her black t-shirt was a silver cross. Or it could be just a stark explanation of something that the reader isn't going to get any other way — I use a very stripped-down version of it in my story "Six Months, Three Days. You don't have to settle for this place. Martin was always lacing up his army boots and pounding the pavement, marching against racism, for lower tuition rates, for better sidewalk conditions in winter a counter-intuitive march, if you ask me. This io9 flashback originally appeared in Advertisement Why you might not: When this type of opening falls flat, it really falls flat. How to Become a Better Writer It is no coincidence that the best writers are also the best readers. Get straight into the action. This is possibly the most common type of short story opening. Don't miss the next one! When it works, it's the best kind of story opening, for my money.

Again, it's got great energy, and even though it has my pet peeve - the random "it" occupying the space where a real world should be - it's got the Blakeian imagery, and then you absolutely have to know why Lee Crane blames himself. Also, I realized that there's no way to categorize every short story opening accurately, and there are definitely some great openings that don't fit into any of these seven categories.

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How to Write a Science Fiction Short Story