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See further under contractions, section 1. To say that digital is the death knell is to un-friend our future and to negate the influence of the many artists that paved the way to it.

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Those which are identical, such as am, fig and no, are normally accompanied by numbers: 10 am, fig 13, no 2, and there is no doubt as to what they are. Yet if we adopt figs. Their own preferred solution is to find a more specific term wherever possible, depending on their region. The first serious national agency only became established in — The Marriage Bureau, launched by two ex-debutantes, Mary Oliver and Heather Jenner, who recognised a ready market among expats returning from abroad. Some women claimed not to be seeking a husband, but a position as housekeeper for a single or widowed gentleman — intimate domestic roles that more often than not led to a relationship. See also Black. ACE This is an acronym for the Australian Corpus of English, a database of written Australian English sampled in , from which evidence on usage can be drawn.

See SI units. Its appearance in newspaper headlines is clear indication of its neutrality. The argument assumed that there was no more to such words than their superlative meaning, whereas dictionaries recognise various senses for them, some of which are definitely comparable.

Booking the ticket online is very easy and does not take much time. Their own preferred solution is to find a more specific term wherever possible, depending on their region. Advertisements were not the only way of meeting members of the opposite sex: another option was the matrimonial or introduction agency.

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Transfer services are available 24 hours, seven days a week. Your guide will explain for you about local life and how people lives, has fun and makes a living. Ed Rushca and Los Angeles are umbilically linked and many working in this field of art owe him a debt. Some Asian languages written in the Roman alphabet, such as Vietnamese, have accents to show the different tones or pitch that go with a particular word: rising, falling, level etc. In Australian documents on the internet they appear in the ratio of It identifies an argument which reasons from cause to a presumed effect, or which works deductively from a general principle to the specific case. Far from being an oblique reference to fetching the whisky, it is used in debating and arguing to introduce a second point which the speaker or writer feels is more compelling than the first, and is intended to consolidate the argument. This convenient one-way shared transfer delivers you to your Ho Chi Minh City hotel with ease. This reflects an older concern that the Oxford Dictionary citations were only for the plural, and Aborigine was therefore an unacceptable backformation.

Yet if we adopt figs. A little phonetics helps to explain why. Whichever word you use, it should have a capital letter, as with any ethnic or tribal name see capitals.

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