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After presenting the successes of a few activists, he offers a brief tour through the ways in which authoritarian regimes use digital technologies — often provided by U. Pointing raised my consciousness regarding the trials we face as inhabitants of this great planet and left me with some food for thought. For them, the act of writing and hashing out your ideas seems commonplace. Many people have either criticized or praised the new technology and how everyone is using it. Perhaps anticipating these complaints, Thompson acknowledges that much tech writing aligns itself with the antipodes of techno-utopianism and some variant of Luddism. A Green History of the World was a very in-depth look at the past and the future of our environment. Well, true, but not as simply as you might think. My mom, determined to figure out what her diseases was, turned to the internet and scoured through medical articles and forums to come to the conclusion that her most probable diagnosis was MS Multiple Sclerosis , an autoimmune disease Less attention is paid to the ways in which the Chinese government uses digital media to inhibit dissent, monitor citizens and disseminate pro-regime propaganda through a fleet of paid bloggers. He tries to sidestep this debate, describing it as tired, a recurrent dialectic that we seem fated to enact. Thompson mentions the importance of mindfulness several times, noting, like Pang, that humans have always been easily distracted.

The exposition is easy to follow, grounded in scientific studies among controlled groups and people interacting in the real world.

For every Mona Eltahawy — a journalist arrested by Egyptian security forces and later freed after a vigorous Twitter campaign and the intervention of former State Department official Anne-Marie Slaughter — Thompson chronicles, one could point to many other protesters who were not so fortunate.

Instead, we will be able to improve our skills, our creativity, and our accomplishments.

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But we will not reach the deadly decay of humankind predicted by some. Many will lose jobs and be unable to get new ones, because the new skills required will be so different from the old ones that simple retraining wil not do.

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The best chess team in the world note the word "team" is composed of people and computers. Every day people write billion e-mails, more than million tweets and more than a million blog posts and 1. By Walter Isaacson Nov. Everyone around the globe is trying either to conform or catch up with the ever changing and improving technologies without having a second thought of its impact on their lives. In this engaging and provocative book, Clive Thompson argues just the opposite. But as in the past, we adapt-learning to use the new and retaining what's good of the old. Advancements in the technology surrounding digital communication has enabled doctors to better diagnose and treat illnesses as well as share medical information throughout the medical community Essay - When it comes to the topic of the internet, most of us will agree that it is nothing short of a miracle. Pointing raised my consciousness regarding the trials we face as inhabitants of this great planet and left me with some food for thought. Related posts:.

Related posts:. While not a full-fledged cyber-utopian, tech columnist and blogger Clive Thompson takes the pro-technology side of the debate, arguing that our cognitive behaviour and the quality of cultural production has greatly benefited from a wired world. The Internet has brought about the invention of social media, which now serves as a simpler way for individuals to communicate, connect, and express themselves with each other.

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Many issues arise in this particular project involving multiple parties. The unaided mind is pretty limited.

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Connecting with people around the world is becoming effortless, instantaneous, and accessible with the technology that has been developed. In Smarter Than You Think Thompson shows that every technological innovation-from the written word to the printing press to the telegraph-has provoked the very same anxieties that plague us today. We are continually trying to push barriers of technology for the purpose of making our lives easier. Bring them on: I have better things to do with my mind than stare up the rear ends of the cars in front of me on the crowded streets. Thompson suggests that there are three major ways technology is changing the way we think — it can give us an enormous external memory, it can make it easier to find connections between things, and it encourages more almost too much communication and publishing. By Walter Isaacson Nov. Everyday people are creating more new and advance technology with different programs, websites, and ideas to share with everyone.
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Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better