Story themes to write about

These popular themes are seen among authors and reader as they are experiences which can be related to in day to day life. In some cases, they may be connected to other themes in the story.

Remember, however, that the messages in any piece of literature can go much deeper than this, but it will at least give you a good starting point. These themes may be common, but in each story, they may have a deeper meaning.

list of common themes in childrens literature

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In a story like F. Thus it is very important to know the theme of a story. And while a novel can have multiple thematic statements, one statement usually stands out.

Get to identify and list both the physical and non-physical attributes of the protagonist. The main character can be in conflict with severally things. Whoever gets out the winner in the conflict is a clue the writer gives the reader on which force is greater and better.

For instance, your character goal might be to get away from being rejected by getting a new boyfriend or sacrificing morals, etc but the theme of the story might be that you need to accept yourself before others will accept you.

She lectures and writes about study skills.

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Theme (narrative)