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We introduce the children to some new vocabulary and hopefully you will be hearing them use these words at home. We have been hard at work practising for our performance, getting excited and a little nervous.

New challenge sheets will be sent out early on in the summer term.

talk for writing across the curriculum

Week ending 9. We had an amazing time meeting different animals, going on a tractor ride and using the wide range of play equipment, including bouncing pillows! The children have had an opportunity to design, make and eat their very own Gingerbread Man which they thoroughly enjoyed!

We hope our families will enjoy receiving and opening them. We were very proud of them all. For our hot task we wrote our own overcoming a monster tale. We spoke about the different parts of a house and who would help build and install them, including brick layers, electricians, plumbers and joiners.

They can stay here until half term when we send them home for washing. The song is to the tune of 10 green bottles and goes like this Thank you grownups for coming a little earlier on a Friday to help us choose a book, its working really well and we love hearing one of the books being reviewed on a Monday.

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