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Stock markets are like hitting a royal flush, if the price of your stocks goes up, you win; if it drops, you lose The question is, how did the depression start, and why was no one able to stop it. Registering and regulating the business of stock-brokers, sub-brokers, share transfer agents, merchant bankers and managers of issues, trustee of trust deeds, registrar of an issue, underwriters, portfolio managers, investment advisers and other intermediaries in the securities market Registering, monitoring and regulating of collective investment scheme including all forms of mutual funds.

To enlighten the theoretical aspect of trading policy in the stock market I have gathered information from the official websites and several books related to the issues regarding the stock markets in Bangladesh.

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But, in case of Bangladesh Capital Market History, It never happens besides applications are over subscribe more than 10 times of offer. Treasury bills Commercial paper Negotiable certificate of deposits.

IPO Initial Public offering - An initial public offering IPO is a type of public offering where shares of stock in a company are sold to the general public, on a securities exchange, for the first time. With that I started coming up with a list of companies whose products are used on a daily basis see table In this market the securities are sold for the first time.

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Bankers to the issue will be the important stake holder and they will be responsible for deposit and withdraw money of investors. Money market 4. In over a period of two weeks 30 billion dollars disappeared from the U.

So, there are several factors U. By doing this, the borrowers are considered high-risk and their mortgages had unorthodox loan terms that caused higher rates and payments. Prohibiting fraudulent and unfair trade practices relating to securities trading in any securities market.

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