The conception of time in the poem to his coy mistress by andrew marvell

The difference in these poems is the metaphor used.

The conception of time in the poem to his coy mistress by andrew marvell

These varied beats in certain lines tend to alter the pace and emphasis, and together with a mix of punctuation, colons, semi-colons, commas and full stops, not forgetting enjambment and repetition, makes the syntax particularly suitable for conveying a sense of momentum and familiarity.

Don't look ahead either because there is a vast desert - eternity. For Lady you deserve this state; Nor would I love at lower rate. And there are some who think quaint honour is an obscure reference to the female private parts quaint was used as a noun in pre-Elizabethan times.

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The poem darkens as it proceeds, and the time-fantasy moves into the unsavoury reaches of decay and annihilation. I would Love you ten years before the flood, And you should, if you please, refuse Till the conversion of the Jews.

Line 34 is controversial as many later versions change the word glew for dew whereas in the original it is definitely glew.

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He too will perish, consumed by his own passion, nothing but a pile of ash. Another such technique is the metaphor.

This lyric poem has a touch of the miniature epic. Thy beauty shall no more be found; Nor, in thy marble vaults, shall sound My echoing song; then worms shall try That long-preserved virginity, And your quaint honour turn to dust, And into ashes all my lust: The grave's a fine and private place, But none, I think, do there embrace. But, hey, has she noted that there's no time to lose? The poets, Robert Browning and Andrew Marvell, have used a narrative style to write their poems, however the eye of the poem appears not to be speaking directly to the audience in either case Lust turns to disgust. The idea is that the poet's love implies a spiritual union but a physical separation. In what ways have the three poets used, or departed from, the conventions of their time and why do you think they have been successful in Marvell is explaining how dew is vanishing and should be adored immediately; just as how beauty should be adored quickly The poet through this poem has given us a comprehensive idea of the passing of time of the passing of our youthful gaiety and vigour, and the conception of eternity.

I will also be looking at the historical context of the poems. For more information on choosing credible sources for your paper, check out this blog post.

Which is more important, love or lust, and how do we balance the two?

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