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Celebrated since ancient times, perhaps to foster the warrior spirit of the Romans, at the end of the Republic the games became big shows intended for the masses. Octavian, who became Augustus, did not set out to create this. Some favorites had been closed for decades; even at the Capitoline, visitors never knew which rooms would be open or what exhibits buried in storage. There is no page in the history of Rome that is not linked, one way or another, to the Colosseum, which has become a symbol of the city and of its life. The problem was, all the good ones were dead. Listen Now 9. The Colosseum functioned as a gigantic Stadium of our age, but the shows preferred by the Romans were the games of the circus. Around one corner, I stumbled onto a makeshift arena, where a fight was in progress: Romans in tattered, grimy tunics howled with laughter as mangled corpses were dumped on carts and limbs lay about in pools of blood. There is no single story of Rome, especially when the Roman world had expanded far outside Italy.

Nero had pretensions as a chariot driver — at which he was very bad — and an actor at which he was not only bad, but embarrassing. Roman history also demands a particular sort of imagination.

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The problem was, all the good ones were dead. Afew blocks away, the Markets of Trajan, created in the second century A.

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But can we really look back at ancient civilisations and draw parallels with those that exist today? Claudius has had some remarkable spin over the years and comes across as some kind of benignly doddering grandfather.

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A little later, however, there came a time of total abandonment, which led the Colosseum to be used first as a cemetery, then as a fortress, but above all, especially after the earthquake of , as a quarry for building materials. The Great Emperor Constantine and his successors sought to put an end to the gladiator fights, but the Romans, however,refused, for a long time, to renounce the shows they were used to. Soon, during a lull in the mayhem, a svelte, Gucci-clad Italian woman tottered across the bloody sand in stilettos, to touch up the makeup of one of the extras. It was then Domitian who gave it the finishing touches in Oddly enough, to a man, they chose the first option. In July , the Archaeology Superintendency released a proposal to build walkways over the Imperial Forums, allowing Romans to reclaim the area. The history of Rome is a big challenge. And it will start with our writing. However the history of the amphitheatre also includes long periods of neglect and decay. As one example, the Gruppo Storico Romano, or Roman Historical Group, lures everyone from bank clerks to truck drivers to its school for gladiators on the Appian Way. The street noise was deafening. Excerpted from SPQR.

Octavian, who became Augustus, did not set out to create this. Thanks to these, standing inside the dark interior of the palace, which was buried in the first century A.

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