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Individuals were placed in institutions so that they would not be a disruption to the standard society. Morris, J.

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Social workers come in contact with many clients that have developmental disabilities, and the chapter gives a glimpse the history, problems, and theories related to developmental problems. Disabilities in Youth - Disabilities in Youth Disabled children in the United States have been becoming more active throughout the years.

Baynton, D. The theory of communicative competence: Vol.

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Edgerton, R. Social work education and disability: Benefiting from the impact of the ADA. Thankfully there was a law in place that could do something about this incident and they ended up getting to go skating because there were laws against discrimination

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Also, students with disabilities need to be taught effective organization skills. Introduction Throughout history, individuals with disabilities have struggled to live full and productive lives as independently as possible in a society laden with stigma, discrimination, and attitudinal and environmental barriers. Boston: Beacon Press. In this regard, many have accepted that the people with disabilities have capacity to undertake some duties just like the other people, which can be seen in the increasing number of people with disabilities in institutions of higher learning as well as many working places. Baynton, D. As a matter of fact, Section of the Rehabilitation Act in prohibited discrimination against anyone with disabilities in any federal or state funded social and health programs The changing context of social work practice. It is an important subject, particularly in the contemporary society where obesity and overweight have become a major health concern. In Georgia, London: Sage. Marx, K. If there is something medically wrong with a student they will be placed on a plan as well.
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