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Chuyia is returned unceremoniously to her parents' house, and from there she is taken to the holy city of Banaras and left in the care of a wide assortment of widows who live at "the widows' house," shunned by the rest of the community.

Shakuntala finds out and tries to prevent the worst, but she is too late.

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Under traditional Hindu law, she will be a widow for the rest of her life. Kalyani was forced into prostitution as a teenager to support the ashram. Walking through town with Chuyia in her arms, she hears talk of Gandhi speaking at the train station, ready to leave town. Chuyia is unhappy about being separated from her home and mother, but her high energy level provides a jolt to the staid, quiet surroundings of the womens' home.

I would have been content if the entire film had been her story.

The movie water

Shakuntala is caught between being a God-fearing, devout Hindu, and her hatred of being a widow. Mustering a whole spectrum of luminous blues and greens, Ms. Invalid email address. Madhumati sends Chuyia away to be prostituted as a replacement for Kalyani. Madhumati has an arrangement with the pimp Gulabi Raghuvir Yadav to supply Kalyani to wealthy clients, as a source of income for the ashram. Mehta, 55, is no stranger to Hindu protests. Plot[ edit ] The film is set in when India was still under British occupation. The arrival of Chuyia Sarala , a bewildered 8-year-old whose husband has just died, creates turmoil in the ashram. He arrives at the ashram to take Kalyani with him, only to find that Kalyani has fatally drowned herself. It sees poverty and deprivation as a condition of life, not an exception to it, and finds beauty in the souls of its characters.

Please try again later. Advertisement Continue reading the main story Shifting between romantic melodrama and spiritual inquiry, "Water" flows with the simplicity of a fairy tale. But Dilip Mehta, the film's production designer, recreated the ghats on a stretch of a deserted riverbank just south of the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo.

Honest movies about this subject are often powerful because they depict a great injustice. Within the walls of the ashram, Chuyia finds two allies: Shakuntala Seema Biswaswho becomes a mother-figure, and the beautiful Kalyani Lisa Raywho is like a big sister.

The question remains, can Kalyani marry the man she loves?

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