The pot of gold

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The actors wore a thin buskin and masks which were lighter than those of their tragic counterparts. Since the open theatre was huge, the masks helped the audience to recognise the character and identify his motives.

Her presence in the play may not contribute to the action, yet her character serves to highlight the theme of the play—the futility of greed. Megadorus has not married earlier, so his sudden interest in marrying Phaedria has a simple explanation here. Instead of targeting individuals, the focus of ridicule was general human shortcomings or a general social class.

He lived between and BC. Euclio, after giving directions to Staphyla, leaves to go shopping himself. She would be seated next to him at banquets and shared control over children, slaves and the household.

Lar Familiaris presents the Prologue of the play, which sets the stage for the action that follows. The satire is genial in tone, and whatever the outcome, the characters learn something from the action of the play.

The pot of gold

While Euclio is preoccupied with hiding his treasure, his daughter Phaedria has been seduced by Lyconides, a youth who wishes to marry her as she is expecting their child. Another time the audience of his play Hecyra abandoned the play to see some gladiators. Its main character is Euclio, a man who has been plunged into a personal crisis by finding a pot of gold. The pregnant Phaedria goes into labor right when Euclio realized his pot it missing and he goes crazy. The characters of a love story would find cruel relatives in their way. Unknown to Megadorus, Euclio overhears his views on dowry and decides that it would suit him to marry his daughter to Megadorus. Soliloquies A soliloquy is a very useful dramatic device. She is a uni-dimensional character, whose only role is that of an elderly slave. Her name does appear in the list of characters, so it is possible that she may have appeared at the end of the play. The satire is genial in tone, and whatever the outcome, the characters learn something from the action of the play. The Ending In a surprise ending, Euclio gives away the pot of gold to Lyconides as a dowry for his daughter.

At some point early in his career, it is known that he gave up acting to become a Roman soldier. The love for riches is a source of anxiety. In the Latin play there are several references to the luxurious lifestyle of women ll.

Finding Pythodicus there, he drives him outand interrogates him, finally letting him go when he sees that the slave is empty-handed.

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Plautus’ Aulularia (“The Pot of Gold”)